What to consider?

There are a couple things to consider before confirming your order. Below is a list of ideas to think about:

Draining Grooves?

Drainage grooves help liquids escape flat surfaces. On kitchen worktops, they are extremely useful because they allow water and other liquids to easily drain into a sink.


Upstands are essentially small strips of material that run along the back edge of your worktop, creating a barrier between the counter and the wall. They're typically 100mm in height, and can be made from the same material as your kitchen worktops, to create a seamless look Upstands are mainly used for aesthetic purposes. They give your kitchen a tidy finish. But they're also great if your walls are slightly uneven because they cover any gaps between the back edge of your worktop and the wall

Hob Splashback?

While a splashback is not required, it is highly recommended for a kitchen that is easy to keep clean and hygienic. Your splashback doesn't need to match your kitchen worktop, you can choose a different colour, pattern, or style.

Wall Cladding?

Wall cladding is for aesthetic purposes. It's essentially a full splashback across the whole wall. It may have socket cut outs on it if you have sockets on the wall.

Waterfall(s)/End panels?

Waterfalls/end panels are legs that are mitred and installed on the sides of islands or units.

Edge Profile?

Edge Profiles are aesthetic polishes that come in a variety of ways.

The standard popular edge profiles are:
Chamfered (bevel) and Pencil round (£0 plm)

Other extra ones are:
-Ogee (£60 plm)
-Bull Nose/Half Bull Nose (£60 plm)
-Shark Nose (£60 plm)

We can also fabricate any other bespoke profiles that have not been included in this list


Consider adding a windowsill. The gap between the windowsill and the upstands will be covered with a 'riser' as shown in the picture.

20mm/30mm Thickness?

IMG_2942 IMG_2947

The thickness of the worktops doesn't make much difference to the kitchen as it's purely an aesthetic decision when it comes to Quartz. 20mm option is a more modern choice, where as 30mm is a traditional look. Note that upstands & splashbacks will always come in 20mm regardless of your choice of worktop (unless stated otherwise)